design campus istanbul 2012

turkish and german designers workshop

series, pattern, ornamentic – from beginning to exhibition

… common floor – common ground:

22 Turkish and German interior design / architecture and product design students from 9 different German and Turkish universities worked together with Heike Rittler textile designer and product developer by Armstrong DLW GmbH in Istanbul.

The topic of the workshop was in this week:

Ornaments, pattern and series: seen, found and put back together to a common ground-

Analysing Turkish designs and interpreting them in your own way is the goal of this workshop. Working with parts of different materials of their own choice the students will make a large ornamentic carpet.

It was a terrific workshop with strolls through the city,
markets and a visit of one of the famous palaces Cinli Kösk (ornamentation)
inside the famous Topkapi Saray.
Each student created their own impressions to a ornamental object.
worked was then at the ITÜ near Taksim Square.
Aubergine ornaments, digital composite processed raki, tea and Turkish flag ornament autumn leaf, with Ottoman symbolism, Bosphorus waves as a new pattern in lasercut and more…, resulted then a new own overall ornamentation.
created here was a large-scale ground-carpet.
woven, glued, printed, everything was allowed,
also the series of photographed participants had been rebuilt to Turkish-German citizens of the world.

Turkish students showed the Germans wonderful places, they laugh, worked, discussed and celebrated a whole week together.

On the last day all about 150 participants, professors and organization, of the whole designcampus came together and finished with a big exhibition at the Mimar Sinan University.

pictures by Heike Rittler


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